You want your website to be #1 on Google or seen on Times Square?

We can get you there...okay well maybe not on Times Square, but we can dream right?

The structure of a website and its content is just the beginning of what we do here. We also perform the strongest digital marketing and SEO optimization to help your site stand above the rest.

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It’s critical that your analytics be set up correctly and provide your SEO team with accurate data from which to draw conclusions and make recommendations.

Keyword Targeting and Content

Foundational content includes such items as metadata, content on key pages (such as your homepage), category pages, and product detail pages. Conducting thorough keyword research to find targets that are both relevant to your business and for which you have a good chance of ranking at or near the top of the first page is the initial step.

From there it’s about optimizing existing content and creating fresh content to fill any gaps. Strategic content such as blog posts, guides, videos, and infographics are critical for targeting top-of-funnel keywords, attracting links, and raising your site’s overall domain authority.

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Link Building

We start with an audit to establish an appropriate baseline backlink profile and develop a strategy tailored to your industry and your resources. Generally, we build links in the following four ways:

Foundational Campaigns

Link building that leverages low hanging fruit link acquisition opportunities such as commenting on popular blogs, answering questions on forums, or monitoring editorial calendars and journalists requests for relevant stories and sources.

Relationship Campaigns

Link building that leverages your existing relationships with vendors and complimentary businesses.

Promotional Campaigns

Link building that leverages product giveaways, contests, discounts, or paid sponsorship to attract attention.

Content Centered Campaigns

Link building that leverages content such as how to guides, infographics, and other useful tools to attract links organically as well as through outreach promoting the content.

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